Telegram grew a ton of new features

I was on vacation in Europe for the last few weeks, but I still got some coding it.

Specifically, I moved the Hoisted templating stuff into the new Hoisted modules that render static HTML. This means that menu generation works and being able to grab an arbitrary set of pages (e.g., announcements or quotes) and list the pages and links to the pages. Lots of examples can be found in the Lift CMS repository. Note that the templates can be in any combination of XML, HTML, and Markdown.

Telegram also has extensive GitHub integration including:

I've added a bunch of other stuff to the GitHub support (like lazily calling GitHub to retrieve your repository list) to improve the overall quality of Telegram when working with GitHub.

Hosting real sites

Based on the new features and the solid GitHub integration, I moved my blog and the main Lift sites over to Telegram.

I'm working on the blog integration so it'll be possible to easily include twitter feeds, generate RSS feeds and other stuff in your blog.